Madison Anti-tax Rally Goes Limp

So I went to this taxpayer rally today...

The crowd of anti-taxers was smaller than I'd hoped, and way outnumbered by the public employee unions. AFSCME, SEIU, AFT, and TAA were all there. Probably others. They crowded around the entrance to the rally, yelling things at people on their way in. "Let the rich white women in," "step on a state employee on your way in, why doncha," and "you should be ashamed!"

Stuff like that. I went in and out three times, the last time just for fun. Exchanged a few pleasant words.

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Below is a couple of reactionary bloggers from southeastern Wisconsin disguised as a couple of local bloggers. See more at More Scummy Eggs.


Playboy said...

Mr. Peanut looks like he's stuffed a couple of beach balls down his pants. That should get Lizzie excited for the after-school-board meetings "get together."

Mr. Peanut's Marketing Strategist said...

Those aren't beach balls Playboy,
They're this month's featured item on the Mr. Peanut Nut Farm Website... The bulging Jumbo pack!