Indoctrination U: Coming Soon To A Theater Near U

I noticed over at www.ontheborderline.nut a post on the upcoming screening of the documentary Indoctrination U. It definitely sounds and something I will make it a point to see.

The focus of the film is that there's a liberal bias that has taken over our nations universities - public and private. Listeners of conservative talk radio will be quite familiar with this theme. I hear Limbaugh, Hannity, Levine and Jason Lewis harp on this regularly. Lewis calls the University of Minnesota "a Marxist Think tank."

The right wing point is that the liberals are trying to indoctrination the innocent minds of today's college students with Marxist/communist/socialist/liberal doctrine and trying to silence the conservative voice.

By the way, I recently watched a History channel documentary on the 1964 Mississippi Voter Rights Drive. It was interesting to see the Klansmen protesting the northern White students coming to spend a summer in Mississippi to help Blacks exercise their Constitutional right to vote. The Klansmen were carrying signs with slogans like "Keep The Commies Out Of Mississippi!!!" and "Commies Go Home!!!" Hello OTBL bloggers...does that sound familiar?

Anyway, I especially find it interesting the bloggers like those at ontheborderline.nut would be trying to promote a documentary about stifling freedom of speech. They do it all the time and are proud of it! They are afraid of open discussion and debate.

Another point about colleges dampening freedom of speech. I think it's bullshit. I think we have a majority of a generation of college students who are used to having mommy and daddy fight their battles for them. These are the "bubble warpped" kids that Conservative Charlies Sekes speaks of. "Helicopter parents" is a phrased used to describe their parents who won't quit hovering around their kids. They don't have the balls to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Or maybe it's the conservative students who don't have the balls...probably because they don't really believe in what they are fighting for.

If a student is afraid to express his or her opinion because it might affect their grade, I say they don't really believe in what they are afraid to debate. One bad grade does not a college career make. Believe me, I've been there and done that and proudly took my GPA lumps. Besides, you can take your case to the college dean, if you think you are getting a raw deal. This is all part of the great learning experience of college.

At the top of this post, I put a trailer of the documentary. At the bottom, I posted a clip of Sean Hannity interviewing Evan Coyne Maloney, the maker of Indoctrination U. I think Hannity shows the hypocrisy of his flimsy ideological spew. FOX News talking about "fair and balanced?" Have you ever heard Vice President Dick Cheney interviewed on anything about conservative radio or TV?

And so it goes...

Read what is being said about Indoctrination U around the Internet.

For times and screenings of the Twin City showings, check out Indcotrination-U.

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