Obama Leads Website Visits

Chicago Tribune Reports:
Sen. Barack Obama is leading all presidential candidates in campaign Web site visits, The Nielsen Company reported today.

Obama's web site had the most unique visitors in July, with 717,000, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. Fellow Democrats Sen. Hillary Clinton had 437,000 unique visits, followed by 348,000 for former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

Among Republicans, Fred Thompson's ImWithFred.com drew the most unique visitors in July, with 381,000, even though he did not formally endorse his candidacy until Wednesday. The former Tennessee senator and “Law and Order” star has relied heavily on the Internet to generate interest in his candidacy.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani ranked No. 2 among Republicans online, with 124,000 unique visitors. Mitt Romney ranked a close third, with 116,000 unique visitors. Ron Paul and John McCain rounded out the Republican campaign Web sites with 113,000 and 104,000 unique visitors, respectively.

“Consensus has been that Republicans have been slower to take advantage of the Web in their presidential campaigns, but Fred Thompson may be taking a cue from his Democratic counterparts,” Carolyn Creekmore, senior director of the firm's media analytics, said in a statement.


Tim Roth said...

I think there are several underlying reasons why the Democrats have a larger web presence. First, younger people use the internet more and tend to more liberal. Second, internet-savvy voters are exposed to different and more sources of information. When you learn about human trafficking, extraordinary rendition, the situation on the ground in Iraq, growing wealth inequality in this county, and other various troubling information you tend to want progressive change. This is in contrast to conservatives who tend to rely on one news source like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

Ink Stained Wretch said...


You forgot to mention Faux New Sunday
with Chris Wallace. (What did Mike Wallace do to turn his son into a pawn for Faux?) Anyway, I watch Faux News Sunday as an exercise in "Know Thy Enemy". Often they make a semi convincing argument for the gullible or those who don't have a critical perspective regarding what they say. Today, if you believed Faux News, we are winning the war in Iraq and the Democrats are about to put a road block on the road to Victory. (Which may be only a decade or two away).