Rednecks Seeing Red

In order to better understand my conservative, Republican neighbors, I occassionally listen to Jason Lewis on KTLK Talk Radio on 100.3 FM. Remember, he has big credibility with the Repulbicans in the St. Croix Valley. Afterall, he was their keynote speaker at the 2007 Lincoln Day dinner. Yesterday he was quacking about the AFSCME union stike at the University of Minnesota and spewed out an interesting observation of the strike, the union, the public university and the teachers there. I didn't get everything word-for-word, but I think the following paraphrase captures his thoughts:

The AFSCME strikers are overpaid puppets of the "Marxist dominated" union that is striking that "Marxist think tank" called the University of Minnesota that is run by "Marxist liberals" who are busy teachings "queer studies" on the money "stolen from taxpayers."

The first caller he took after this bold statement was a 17-year old kid complaining about taxes and agreeing with everything Lewis said. The kid added that he "pretty much" gets all the money back from taxes.

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