Speaking Republican - Made Easy


Anonymous said...

You might want to substitute an artist's rendition of the proposed new "New Richmond High School" for the picture of HHS. The former, I think, is going to turn out to be a far more crushing and foreclosure-inducing taxpayer burden.
Last week's New Richmond News quoted a city official (New Richmond's Housing Program Director) as saying “What we’re looking at is a potential crisis for our taxpayers. The cost of the new schools was significant before, but this (the sluggish housing market) could potentially double the taxes to pay for the schools.”
New Richmond has more "for sale" signs up than ever. I thought the new schools were supposed to draw people to the town, not send them packing.

JPN said...

New Richmond does not have more for sale signs up then ever. Within three miles of my house there are 10 houses under construction. Of course that's outside of New Richmond. In town there are "for sale" signs, but there always are. If there really are more, then maybe Anon could actually provide some facts.