"Free Market" Poster Child: Somalia

I've run across a few interesting articles lately that discuss how the "free market" economy is booming in lawless Somalia. It's interesting that the preachers of "free market" economics are spotlighting Somalia as a showcase of their theory. However, the rugged individualism of the American proponents of the "free market" isn't what is making things happend in Somalia. It's the tribal communities. Of course, "community" has the same root as "communism."

Read Somalia: Free market wasteland by Rex Weyler.

“pure market-economy, without regulation. Goods are imported and exported. Telephone networks and power lines are established, as long as it promises profits. In this system, environmental concerns don’t feature at all.”

Rex Weyler

Of course, the Von Mises Institute should think about relocating to Somalia. It would be an ideal setting to preach the "free market" gospel. Read Stateless in Somalia, and Loving It by Yumi Kim

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Anarchy Tours Inc said...

How about if our local Von Mises groupies relocate to Somalia? That would pay big dividends here in Hudson.
They may actually need their AK47s there.