Something's Rotten in Twins Town (link)

By Lavelle E. Neal III and Mike Kaszuba, Star Tribune

Last update: March 21, 2007 – 8:20 AM

"Twins officials said Tuesday that the team is ready to move forward with the new stadium in Minneapolis because it appears Hennepin County will be able to execute condemnation plans to acquire the ballpark site."

"Land Partners II, a limited liability partnership, owns the land on which the stadium is to be built, and Texas-based Hines Interests has an option on the property."

"Under condemnation proceedings, a government entity can take land for a public purpose provided it pays fair-market value."

"If the condemnation process plays out, Bell said the price would be set by a three-person court panel. The decision can be appealed, but he said it would not delay plans further."

"Bell would not say whether the Twins would make up the difference in what the county has offered to buy the land -- $13.35 million -- and the final price that would be determined through condemnation. "I'm not going to discuss that," he said."
So where is the public purpose?
Last I heard the Twins are a private entity. They will own the Ball Park. But taxpayers are buying it for a billionaire. (Carl Pohlad)
The land owners don't want to sell, but will be forced to.
If there ever was an abuse of government power this qualifies. Robberhood. Steal from the rich
and give to the richer!

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Cato said...

But it's for the "good", you Ink Stained Wretch.

"Fair market value" does not care what a person values in the property. Perhaps their grandfather built that house. Is that value measurable? The government would put a price on the priceless and force people out just so other people can watch baseball outside.

"Public purpose" can be anything the state wants. Will it generate more revenue as the new thing than before for the state coffers? If yes, it fits the state interest.

I agree that the state should not help the Twins. I also think the state should have no dealings with business of any kind. Do not hinder, and do not help. The business of business is only the business of business.