OTBL Asks....... We Answer


jpn said...

Did anybody notice that the GM Serivce Part Center was built in Hudson a few years ago and not in South Carolina?

Can anybody figure out was OTBLSpirit is talking about in his ramble.

I missed the other day. I said I counted three houses under construction between Boardman and Hwy 65. Actually the number is four.

Gee, I wonder where that "Crackpot" tag comes from. Is it any wonder why certain local crackpots are failures at getting their message across? Mix in a dash of voodoo math, a turd of misinformation, a grumble of East German communism and an a couple of correlated newspaper stories and you've bake a solid fruitcake soapbox from which to preach your wing-nut absurdities.

What is that they are spreading on that fruitcake? Peanut butter or bull shit?

crackpot watcher said...

Sounds like Baby Emma could come up with a better recipe than Spirit's.

I was going to give that fruitcake blend you talk about a try, but decided to send it back across the boarderline (of absurdity that it).