School bored apparel alert from Mr. KKK

Never circle the wagons without the appropriate disguise...

"As long as Momma keeps bringing home the bacon, I'll keep dishing out the baloney!"



just plain nuts said...

A Kowboy's guide to becoming a "Wealth Building Entrepeneur".

#1. Marry a gal with a good job.
(have Momma bring home the bacon AND the Ferrarri Health Care).

#2. Whine about taxes. After all it's HER money.

#3. Spend lots of time filling out Skool Bored requests for information. ( You never know how far it is to the golf course til you check the records.)

#4. Blog on ontheborderline.nut with complaints about Union Thug Teacher Salaries. ( Be sure to inflate real figures to get attention ). When in doubt, LIE.

#5. Call the employers of you political foes to ruin their wealth building activities. (There's only so much wealth to be had. Putting others in the unemployment line means more wealth in your pocket).

#6. Invest in scrap plywood and old
paint. ( You never know when you'll need a campaign sign....Keep your receipts. )

#7.Make a pledge to God, your Country and yourself to never get a job.

Kalvyn Clean said...

And these, too:
8. Marry a gal with a school district job.

9. Whine about other people's taxes being too low. After all, it's NOT YOUR money.

10. Spend lots of time writing letters to the editor, whining about other people's letters to the editor. Make sure that you also complain about the city spending large amounts of tax money on any city projects, but be sure to justify spending large amounts of tax money on completely unnecessary school district projects.

11. Complain on ATBL about politics that are completely over your head.

12. Spend most of your time at work blogging. Your employer is paying for your time, why do anything that would make him a profit?

13. Don't invest your money. The government exists to tax rich people and give their money to you.

14. Make a pledge to God, your Country and yourself to never get a job.