Hudson High School: Fix sought for overcrowding

There's a interesting story in today's St. Paul Pioneer Press about the overcrowding at Hudson High Scool and what to do about it. It will be interesting to see what the blind-leading-the-deaf have to say about it at the ontheborderline.net blog. It's always important to get the OTBL cowboy's anti-community perspective. One thing you can count on is that between everyline posted over there, the implied chant is "it's my way or the highway...it's my way of the highway..."

It must be interesting for a person to go through life telling people "You seem to be an intelligent person. It's too bad you can't see things the right way -- my way."

Hudson / Fix sought for high school's crowding
District working to relocate administrators

Pioneer Press

Faced with an increasingly overcrowded high school, Hudson School District administrators are focusing on moving out to make way for additional classrooms.

Moving the 25 school administrators and staff out of the wing they now occupy at the high school would free up enough space for seven classrooms. But where the offices would move to remains undecided as three options remain under consideration.

In the coming weeks, district Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten said, the school board likely will choose between moving into rented trailers, leasing office space somewhere in town or buying a building to move into.

A special community meeting will then be scheduled, possibly in April.

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Kalvyn Clean said...

If the administration moves out completely, that should free up 10 classrooms, not 7. Perhaps they should have consulted a math teacher first.

Since future classes are getting smaller, maybe they don't need to move out at all.