OTBL members seen on "Government" Roads

It's an open secret that as a part of their initiation rite OTBL members are secretly sworn
to dispise and distain anything "Government". So it came as a shock when members of this
secret society were seen being driven on "Government" roads.
Being the "Rugged Individuals "they are, they offically advocate that each citizen build their own road on their own private property and have tolls collected from their freinds and neighbors by the local OTBL BridgeTroll.
Our sources obtained photos of a recent excursion, taken late at night (approx. 1 A.M)
of the OTBL brain trust reportedly making a secret venture on government roads reportedly to achieve 2 objectives.
1. To enjoy a well deserved "hens night out" to celebrate their "victory" in the recent Hudson School Board Elections,and
2. To pick-up their secret blogging check from Wal-Mart.
Our sources say a good time was had by all.
As dawn arose, the secretive group retreated back to their basement computers to battle the "collectivists" and continue the never ending stuggle of the rich to hold on to "all" their wealth.

The OTBL Limo was returned to it's guarded location on private property.

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