Soccer is an evil game!

Attention Hudson Soccer Moms and Dads. I'll bet you didn't know you are encouraging
your children to particiapte in a indoctrinating "Socialist" activity!

One OTBL blogger defends his blogging buddies in a post entitled:

Right wing extremists, I think not.
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donttreadonme Says:
August 5th, 2006 at 7:18 am

"Soccer is an evil game, invented by socialists and now cooped by every collectivist in America to steal time away from parents who would otherwise be engaging in productive activities or otherwise demonstrating traditional American values of hard work and individual achievement."
"You soccer people should be ashamed.

Soccer is evil, keep out of the reach of children."

Right wing extremists?
How about assinine, bloviating ,irrational, self centered,
objectivist, Randist, fruitcake, rightwing Neo-Con, blowhard idiots!
(Did I leave anything out?)

Then they wonder why the majority of St. Croix Co. residents think they a bunch
of Nuts and Thugs.

P.S. Soccer Moms and Dads: Better get your kid involved in a real RED BLOODED AMERICAN


The Anti-Soccer Gestapo said...

What kind of idiot would even have this kind of thought (Soccer being a dangerous, evil, Socialist Game )if he were not an isolated malcontent with extremist righwing views and a Tim McVeigh hero worship personality disorder?
Aren't some of the OTBLer's
endangering their offspring by allowing them to indulge in the evil socialist endevor of soccer? I thought so. They better double check the Faustian contract they signed when they became OTBL contributors. This kind of non-conformity to the OTBL By-Laws carries very severe penalties for violators.

Anonymous said...

TM was doing the work of the lord,sending evil federal babies to the dogfood factory.

Christian said...

Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

Anonymous said...

what kind of idiot no brainer dumbass would say this. your prolly the dumbest dooshbag who made this page i have ever seen you cock sucking dumbshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your retartded. fuck you you little bitch soccer is the best thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!