President Bush Hands Reins of Power to Brother Jeb

President George W. Bush announced today that he was temporarily handing over
his powers as President of the United States to his brother Jeb.

The President was quoted as saying, " I need a vacation, and with the hurricane
season coming up, I thought Jeb would be the perfect man to have a wack a the job."
The President circumvented Congress, and the Constitution by making his temporary
replacement a "recess appointment". Brother Jeb stated, " I thought I'd give George
a break and it'd be a good idea to try the job on for size before the 2008 elections".

Upon hearing the news, spontaneous celebrations erupted in Miami's "Little Havana" .
One reveler told reporters, "Florida needs a vacation from Jeb too. WHOOOOOOEEEEEE!

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George W said...

See Y'all in Crawford.