Li'l Bil Danielson Uncovers 'Perverse Financial Incentive' In Hudson Special Education.

Li'l Bil Danielson on the OTBL blog: "If it is financially advantageous to move students into special education, school systems will seek to influence the rate at which students are diagnosed. The overwhelming majority of the growth in special education has taken place in the most subjective disabilities to diagnose and the cheapest to serve. Hudson has increased the number of special ed kids by well over 120 since 1998. This is a 22% increase in just six years. They went from 558 in 1998 to 678 as of December 1st 2004."

Hey, Dr. Bil-rod, how about this statistic: Actual enrollment for the entire district went from 3,823 to 4,775 from 1998 to 2004 - an increase of 25%!

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