First Century Christian Teachers Form AEU Local No. 1

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Teachers of the Christian Gospels in Palestine, Anatonia, Greece and Rome came together to form the initial chapter of the Apostolic Educators Union.

Union Spokesman Brother Timothy explained: "Management at Peter & Paul, Inc. has been demanding overtime without compensation, and expecting Roman persecution without providing adequate health care benefits. Also, the pension plan consists of mauling by wild beasts with mere promises of eternal paradise."

Brother Bartholomew pointed out that, "Compensation is squat compared to the high priest jobs at the oracle temple at Delphi."

The educators negotiated their first contract with management and were satisfied with the results. St. Peter said it was the most brutal experience he's had since that "cock crows - three times thing." St. Paul agreed - saying he would rather be blinded on the road to Damascus than negotiate with labor again anytime soon.

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