The Right Wing Agenda In A Nutshell

The following is a letter to the editor from the San Angelo Standard-Times that sums up the right wing agenda. It's by Kelly D. Clover of San Angelo

It's sad that millions of Americans are so badly misinformed as to what Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, John Boehner and other right-wing Republicans really stand for. Here is their real agenda:

• Destroy the middle class. Create a society in which a few multimillionaire corporate executives and CEOs control almost all the nation's wealth. Almost everyone else will be dirt-poor.

• Do away with almost all regulation of business with no regard for the consequences. Allow American industry to ignore pollution, unsafe working conditions and unsafe products so they can increase their profits.

• Use voter ID laws to inconvenience young adults in the hope that they won't vote. (Many young adults don't have driver's licenses.) Use the bogus claim that such laws are needed to prevent fraud.

• Replace critical safety nets like Social Security and Medicare with much less reliable privatized systems. Use skyrocketing entitlement costs as an excuse to employ these bogus remedies that would place seniors at the mercy of the Dow Jones industrial average or money-hungry insurance CEOs.

• Use the public schools as a political indoctrination tool. Rewrite history and social studies textbooks to promote a partisan or ideological agenda. (Texas is now doing this.)

• Use one-sided talk radio, Fox News and other right-wing propaganda outlets to mislead and indoctrinate the general public. Shut down or discredit any media sources that are not right-wing. (They are trying to shut down PBS and NPR by cutting off their funding.)

• Use religion as a political indoctrination tool. Get people to think they are out of favor with God unless they support the Republican political line. (Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck and God's Learning Channel are all using this type of propaganda.) Robertson made the situation in Wisconsin worse by purposely misrepresenting what was going on.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see their agenda compiled in one place. Their Bliztkeig is scattered to hit different factions in order to create confusion. Having their agenda laid out in one place gives us a focus to fight against what we know we have to fight against.

G. Scott said...

Nonsense. This is just as bad as the generalizations that Beck and the far right make about the left.