Law Enforcement Refuses To Support Walker's Coup d' etat

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Roadkill said...

So a coup d' etat is when the duly elected governor of a state, supported by a majority of both houses of the state legislature, proposes a work-rule change for state government workers?

Wow. I guess you aren't worried about watering down a term used to describe violent, forceful siezure of government power, absent any election or democratic processes.

And let me get this straight: Its "progressive" and "democratic" when a president and Congress, on the slimmest of majorities, takes over 1/6th of the ecomomy, mandates people by insurance, and calls it health care reform, despite popular opposition to the bill ranging from 55 - 65 percent of the public, while at the same time its a "coup d'etat" when a governor, backed by strong majorities in the state legislature as well as having popular support statewide, proposes a relatively minor change in state employee compensation arrangements?

Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Sunny Badger said...


As we speak, I am working with the Republicans and Democrats and trying to strike a compromise. I'm trying to get the Republicans to stop recalling all the Democrats and I'm trying to get the Democrats to stop recalling all the Republicans.

I don't thinks it's going to work, unless I flee to Florida.