Could the GOP lose the House next year?

A new poll suggests voters are souring on the new Republican majority in the House. Does this signal a Democratic surge in 2012? Read more atThis Week.


Roadkill said...

Sure, it could happen.

And by next year Obamacare could, for the first time, be disapproved of by less than 55%-65% of the electorate as it has been since well before it was enacted.

And Congress could balance the Federal budget.

And Blago could be re-elected as governor of Illinois.

Anything is possible, I suppose.

It all just seems highly unlikely.

Thurston Howell III said...

What is the worst thing about The Affordable Healthcare for America Act which you erroneously refer to as "Obamacare." Is it that you think healthcare will be rationed. Here's a news flash, it's rationed now. A relative recently had a growth on their kidney regarded as very serious. They had to wait a month for a doctor's appointment.
Or, are you just afraid the Health Uncare industry won't meet their quarterly profit goal?