Waiting for Scott Walker to Erect the Statue of Libertaianism

Emma Lazarus Poem The New Colossus: Listen
It may be time to take that speed reading course you've thought about taking.
Why? Because time is running out if you plan on borrowing books from the state library system. One of the provisions of Scott Walker's "Budget Repair" bill is to eliminate Wisconsin's Interlibrary load program.

You can "READ" about it here:InterLibraryLoan.
But that's why you'll need that speed reading coarse, because who knows how long that there will be books in Wisconsin's libraries?

It's just one more element of the Scott Walker/Koch agenda to keep American voters stupid. I don't have to time or inclination to search, but I'm willing to bet somewhere out there in the vast wasteland of internut anti-knowledge, there's a rewritten version of Emma Lazarus's poem.

I'd imagine it being titled "The New Corporatist"

Coming soon to Wisconsin , (who knows maybe it's in the "budget repair bill), Scott Walker's
proposal to erect a "Statue of Libertarianism" at every gateway to Wisconsin, next to the "open
for monkey business sign.


Andy Rand said...

Remember this was a gift from the French?

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't the libs picture Bush as a monkey?

Andy Rand said...

If he looks like a monkey, talks like a monkey and acts like a monkey, it must be a monkey.