Whooo! Fox Reporting So Unbalanced I'm Getting Dizzy And About To Hurl


Sunny Badger said...

Being that I don't get cable or satellite TV, I don't watch this "fair and balanced" stuff. I stick to KTLK for the "fair and balanced" news.

Watch time of day is this guy on?

What I've noticed from this piece on down the line (Hannitym Limbaugh, Jason Lewis, Laura Ingram) is that the only side of this debate they talk about is how the greed union doesn't want to have to pay more for their health care or their pension.

They don't mention anything about the elimination of collective bargaining. There has been lots of talk about this in the private sector where I work. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that the public unions should join the rest of us in taking a hit.

Pretty much everyone also agrees that eliminating collective bargaining doesn't have anything to do with repairing the budget. It is amazing how many people I talk to a work who come from union roots. I don't. Some of these people went to school with Pawlenty and their fathers worked in the meat packing plants in South St. Paul. Others came from the Iron Range. Other have uncles and great uncles that were killing the mines in the UP.

They think this is union busting. They understand that the union helps provide a voice for the workers.

I hope the runaway senators keep doing their job and using the state constitution to provide a voice to the people.

I also know a couple of retire teachers who are woman who raised families on a teaching salary where they would have got paid more if they had a penis. They were there before the unions came into teaching and they will rip you a new asshole on this if they get you cornered.

The nut jobs over at the ontheborderline.net site are clueless about the facts. But they are no doubt happy as a monkeys is a peanut vendors basement over the governor's approach.

Down with the Madtown Clown...

Thurston Howell III said...

As draconian as ridding State workers of collective bargaining rights may seem, I believe that is not Walker and his cronies real goal.
Mark my words, he will lie about the solvency of the Wisconsin Employers Trust Fund, one of the best managed funds anywhere on the planet. He will call for it to be privatized and it will be raided by Wall Street Corporate Raiders leaving retirees like you friends out in the cold. You won't hear this theory anywhere else, but remember you heard it here first.
If Walker goes after the trust fund it would no doubt be challenged in the courts.
"The ideological tilt of the court hangs in the balance. The seven justices are officially nonpartisan, but they've still divided themselves into conservative and liberal factions that bicker constantly.

Prosser is part of the current four-justice conservative majority. A Kloppenburg victory in April would shift control of the court to the liberal bloc, which would affect how the court rules on a wide range of cases."
Only 15% of the electorate bothered to vote in this primary.

Sunny Badger said...

If your collective bargaining amounts to the ability to fight for a cost of living wage increase, why have a union?

My guess is the next step is to shift more of the costs to the workers. What recourse would the workers have to fight it? It's just like the private sector, except you can bargain for a COLA rise. You have to hope it is passed down to you from on high.

Anonymous said...

You don't understand. There is no Cola for public employees. There pretty much hasn't been one for a decade. What they have is the UNcola.
The secret formula for the Uncola is:
Furlough Days equaling a 3% pay cut.
Increased healthcare premiums,
Increased portion of healcare premium
paid for by employee,
Decreased defined medical benefits in the contracted plan.
Shake well and add insult to injury.
There you have it, a recipe for a pissed off worker.