Day 2 Of Massive North Hudson TEA Party Rally

I just returned from the massive TEA Party rally taking place today in North Hudson. Although it is hard to estimate the crowd size, people looking out the window at the Village Inn said it had to be in the tens. This large crowd was obviously inspiring to the speakers at the event. I captured some of the inspiring quotes from some of the speakers at the event. Here the are:

Towncrier said:

"Mary two-names and her two-name Marxist minions are recreating the Hudson school district so that they can ban private property and turn it over to the collective. They don't want it to be We the People anymore. They want it to be We the Pot-Smoking Granny-Euthanizing Marxist Nazi Weasels."

Lieutenant Dan said:

"Here's what's happening Hudson: Tax-hiking liberal socailists, i.e., anyone who works for the Hudson school district, are enlisting the aliens from Area 51 so they can silence you at gunpoint. These people are radicals, and they will not rest until you swear a loyalty to our Keyan-born Fhuhrer."

Flashy said:

"Climate Nazis want to control every aspect of your life so they can control your mind by brainwashing you with fluoride in your drinking water."

N. Onimous (pictured with the sign above) said:

"If we don't act now, we won't be able to stop the dope-smoking pea-nut vendors who have a secret plot to make you work as a bureaucratic slave to government."


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen such a blatant display of ignorance since...???
Oh I know now it's coming back to me.
Since I pointed my browser to ontheborderline.nut.
It's utterly amazing what individuals with IQs barely above their shoe sizes can believe.
Who needs the comedy channel when we have " home-grown" entertainment like this delivered right to our browsers. Thank you OTBL, life would be so drab without your antics.

Guv Scott Walker said...

Hey, I don't appreciate your liberal psycho-babble about IQs barely above one's shoe size. The is an adhomily attack. If I didn't know better, I would think you are making fun to the fact that I spent too much time at frat parties and had to drop out of college before I could get my degree in typing.

If it wasn't for my typing skills, I wouldn't have be given an exclusive membership to the www.ontheborderline.net blog.

Obviously, you are also a piece of liberal shit...as is anybody who doesn't agree with me.

Anonymous said...

OMG, how many fucking peanuts have you been eating you fat pig? Jesus Christ you look like a big fucking bowling ball! And you're a communist piece of shit to boot!

NR POS said...

Thanks Anon. I've bought tons of mail order peanuts from my loco source and have been working hard to improve my bowling ball profile. People tell me it's striking.

I love the way you drowl out of both sides of your mouth. I reassures me that you are level headed.

Marc Z said...

I think your crowd count was too high. I was actually in the fives. There was a car load of Teamsters looking for beer and peanuts to carry them over till they got to the rally in Madison.

One of the speakers sold them peanuts and a couple of cutting boards and tried to get them to buy a couple million promotional pens. However, they turned down the pens, when the learned that all the pens had to include "you piece of shit socialist thievers of free market individualism."

The Teamster almost cut a deal for the pens with the slogan of "you piece of shit," but that's the company motto.

Evidently everything doesn't have a price.