Bring Back The "Savages" and "Spear Chuckers" To The "Hood"

A Republican lawmaker wants to undo a new state law aimed at eliminating Indian mascots and other race-based team names and logos in Wisconsin public schools.

Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, has drafted legislation to repeal the law, which allows any school district resident to file a complaint with the local school board over the use of offensive nicknames, logos or mascots. The state school superintendent can then order districts to stop using such symbols if they promote discrimination, harassment or stereotyping.


On this day 1946...

The University of Tennessee refused to play Duquesne University, because they might have used a black player, Chuck Cooper, in the basketball game. Cooper went on to be the first black player drafted by the Boston Celtics, playing his first NBA game on the same day as the debut of head coach Red Auerbach, guard Bob Cousy, and center “Easy” Ed Macauley.


Anonymous said...

Ive often thought that the Washington Redskins should be renamed the Washington Red-Inkers.

daniel noe said...

Perhaps there should be a mascot named Mohammed?
No, wait...bad idea...

Sunny B. said...

We got "Fighting Irish."

We got the Cheese Makers in Monroe, WI.

Nobody seems to have embraced religious demonations.

Roadkill said...


There are plenty of religious mascots.

Look at the California Angels and San Diego Padre's MLB teams, as well as the New Orleans Saints.

At the college level, there are plenty of Angels, Saints, Demons and Devils. Whitman College (part of Princeton University) has its "Fighting Missionaries. So too, Providence College has the "Friars." Indeed, close by in Minnesota the University of St Thomas has its "Tommies" (per St Thomas Aquinas) and St Johns University has its "Johnnies" (per St John the Baptist).

I guess the Irish and the Norwiegians and the Christians aren't as thin-skinned as the Indians. Yet.

And sooner or later PETA folks will start complaining about the disrespect vis-a-vis animal mascots. Then we'll lose the Bears, Tigers, Colts, Bronco's, and a host of others. But hey, somebody will feel morally righteous when those mascots fall to PC-gone-amuck. And of course, feeling morally righteous is what PC is all about.

That will leave us primarily with those vapid abstract mascots like "Heat," or "Jazz," or "Wild."

The real question is whether the righteous PC police will leave the Green Bay Packers alone.

Sunny B said...

RK: I think this law only pertains to K-12 public schools. There are the Hudson Raiders. But the are supposedly from the Middle Ages. Of course, they could have been crusaders and taking part in the Crusades. If this gets out, the Muslins could challenge this in Hudson.