A Nation Of Immigrants...Germany?

Racists breed like rats...

"Tennessee state Rep. Curry Todd, from right here in the Memphis area, continues to come under fire from an ungodly bunch of illegal aliens and their advocates, homosexuals, Judeo-Christians, black radicals, and liberal whites. Even Tennessee’s Head Liberal In Charge, Governor Phil Bredesen, has denounced Rep. Todd for his remarks about illegals being encouraged to multiply like rats when we not only give them free prenatal care, but pass laws saying welfare workers can’t even ask them if they’re in the country legally.

First off, when did liberals suddenly get so excited about what they normally refer to as “fetal tissue”, or a “fetus”? The black welfare worker Rep. Todd made the remark to used the term “unborn babies” and Gov. Bredesen calls them “children.” So when liberals are encouraging white Americans to get abortions, it’s “fetal tissue”, but when illegal aliens are breeding like rats on the taxpayer’s dime it’s an “unborn baby.”

Let’s hope Rep. Todd continues to defy the the mounting pressure to grovel to our invaders and issue an apology..."

James Edwards
Anti-rat breeding, conservative, radio talk show host

"Many loyalist supporters of the Tea Party Movement harbor troubling biases against Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, & gay people..."

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"...Good immigrants and bad, how many and of what kind are all worrying Germany just now. A book claiming that Muslim immigrants and the underclass were bringing about Germany’s downfall by breeding too fast had a print run of over a million by the end of September (and cost its author, Thilo Sarrazin, his job on the Bundesbank board). Seeing its success, politicians abandoned political correctness. Further immigration from Turkey or Arabia is no longer welcome, said Horst Seehofer, Bavaria’s premier and head of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian arm of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. The CSU asked that immigrants embrace the Leitkultur (dominant culture). Even Mrs Merkel joined in. Multiculturalism—the idea that immigrants can recreate their culture in Germany—has “utterly failed,” she said last month. New polls confirm Germans’ hostility towards immigrants, especially Muslims...

...Some 15m people in Germany have a “migration background” (ie, immigrants or their offspring), second only to America. Some 4m are ethnic Germans from the former communist block. But many others came as guest workers in the 1950s and 1960s, especially from Turkey. On indicators of social and economic health, these migrants lag. In Bremen, where more than half the young children are from migrant stock, they are less likely to go to kindergarten than native Germans. Just 8% of foreign teenagers are in vocational training, compared with 37% of Germans. In a city struggling to recover from a slump in shipbuilding, 16.4% of migrants were unemployed in 2008, against 7.5% of native Germans. More than 40% live below the poverty line, three times the rate for non-migrants.

It is no surprise that joining the German mainstream is hard for children of manual labourers who were once expected to return home. In big cities they crowd together and go to schools from which native German children have fled, making it harder to integrate, says Stefan Luft, a scholar at the University of Bremen. Turks are especially prone to living in a parallel world because there are so many of them. For too many immigrants the dole is an acceptable alternative to work. Islam can be an additional barrier, but only for Muslims who choose to make it one. One study estimated that 10-12% of Muslims have radical Islamist leanings, and a quarter of Muslim teenagers are hostile to Christians and Jews or to democracy..."

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