Moving Toward Bi-Partisanship

“We’ll work with the administration when they agree with the people and confront it when they don’t,” Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said. McConnell recently said the No. 1 priority for Republicans is to ensure Obama is a one-term president.


Roadkill said...


Mindful that the current congress is overwhelmingly Democrat, that Congress has been in Democrat control since January 2007, that various large pieces of legislation such as Health Care Reform and Financial Reform have been enacted with virtually no Republican input or support, and that the Congress just elected will not even be sworn in until next January 2011...

Isn't this bawdy cartoon an example of premature illustration?

Sunny Badger said...


Personally, I like fiber in my political diet. Too much of the Democrats can be a bad thing and visa versa.

Concerning the cartoon, I looked at it from the perspective the the Democrats were towing the Rebublicans in...like a tow truck.

Don't try to confuse me with the date facts. All I know is what the pundits tell me and it looks like the Democrats will be wandering in the desert for generations to come. Apparently, since two years go the same pundits had banished the Republicans to a lengthy wilderness wander, they must be basing the generations on field mice.

Anonymous said...


Don't accept all the claims about fiber being healthy so quickly.
If you look back to the years with a divided congress the one thing you can be sure of is that the majority will begin investigations into the other party. In this case, the GOP will make good on their goal of Obama being a 1 term president by slinging elephant turds at the administration.

daniel noe said...

Bipartisanship is when the donkeys eat up all the grass, the elephants eat up all the shrubs, and there is nothing left for the sheep.

Sunny Badger said...

When the grass and shrubs are gone, the sheep will eat each other.