GOTea Party Fashion Statement: Brownshirts

"...Voila! We go from Hitler's eugenics to Obama's health-care plan, with an assist from poor Woodrow Wilson.

Telling the nation that Obama is leading the country into Nazism is outrageous -- and that's exactly why Beck has been so successful. He averages more than 2 million nightly viewers on his Fox show, brings in $32 million in annual revenue from his various ventures, according to Forbes magazine, and is an unofficial leader of the tea party and its mass anti-government rallies..."

Read more about Beck and his Hitler obsession at The Washington Post.


Roadkill said...

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

I recently read the results of a new poll on the Tea Party Movement which shows that 47% of likely voters and 61% of all voters think the Tea Party is good for America.

In contrast, 75% of the political class (defined as politicians and career governement officials) believe the Tea Party is bad for America.

Sunny Badger said...

There is no "TEA Party" in America. It disappeared after the September primaries. That is when any candidate draped in a TEA Party flag became a Republican candidate. Of course, the media needs to keep whipping out the "TEA Party" stir stick to keep the right and left nuts agitated.

This is an off year election. There are a lot of retirees living on government paycheck and healthcare with free time on their hands and they have seen the 401k's and housing value severely reduced and they are scared.

They fact that they are middle-aged, middle-class and white with some college puts them in the cross-hairs of the Republican voter demographic and the demographic that is the most reliable voters.

Face it, the Democrats can get the voters to turn out when they have a hip guy who can give an inspiring TelePrompTer reading. They could get enough voters excited to voted for the twin wooden Indians of 2000 and 2004...Gore and Kerry. Christ Gore couldn't even win his home state. At least Mondale won Minnesota and lost the other 49 states.

I think the GOTea Party is go for America, but we will have to wait till 2012 to find out.

daniel noe said...

I haven't seen Beck for a while now, but last I saw he was "just asking questions."

True, Obama has not led us into Nazism, but he has appointed some spooky people and Beck is just looking into the future and trying to be prepared. He's paid to be speculative.