It Doesn't Say Why

OSHKOSH — Along the most heavily traveled highway in northeastern Wisconsin, giant bold, red letters stretch across two-thirds of a 14-by-48-foot sign that juts some 15 feet in the air.

(Note: This sign is only 20.1 miles from the grave site of Joe McCarthy.)

"IMPEACH OBAMA," the letters spell out, with a photo of a fluttering American flag to the left and the words "America's Small Businesses Are Failing. Help Us Spread the Message." in black stacked in two decks underneath.

It's hard to miss.

Depending on the political persuasion of the person doing the looking, the now familiar "Impeach Obama billboard" next to the Oshkosh Correctional Institution on U.S. 41 might be an honest and brave expression of frustration by a democratic citizenry or a baseless and unpatriotic attack on America's top leader.

To other observers, the sign is merely the latest example of rancor and unrest pervading the nation's political system by those exercising their rights to free speech.



Shel said...

Stupid is as stupid does...... Of course, the president would need to commit an impeachable offense, but why let the facts get in the way? It's amazing to me that we can't put Bush/Cheney on trial for war crimes but our failing small businesses still have enough extra cash to pay for a billnoard. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is the best thing that's happened for Republicans since 1994, and if his health care bill gets rahmed through the Congress, it will be an unprecedented windfall for the GOP. Calls for his impeachment must be originating from the left.

Sunny B said...


No doubt there are people on the left calling for Obama's impeachment. I'm sure out of 200 million elifible voters you can find at least two who are lefties and think Obama should be impeached. Interestingly, 39 percent of those calling themselves Republicans think Obama should be impeached. When asked why, they usually shrugged their shoulders and can't give a reason. If they weren't selfconscious about living in the community and blushing over political incorrectness, they say because he's a "nigger." These would be your TEA Party wing of the GOP. The knuckles draggers who are the spawn of the Dixcrats who left the Democratic Party after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act.

Obama is morphing into TEA Party-lite and, if he adopts some of Clinton's fiscal craftiness and doesn't get any blowjobs in the White House -- Republicans prefer to get them in airport restrooms -- Obama could prove once again that Democrats are the real responsible adults being elected to office.

It seems like just last November a Democrat won a House seat in upstate New York and that was proof the GOP would wander aimless in the restrooms of the outer limits for another generation.

Do you ever get the feeling that a lot of people think they know something about the future of politics and actually don't know shit. I think it would be a good think to dilute some of the Democratic majority. I also noticed the Scott Brown R-Ma voted for the jobs bill. Of course, the TEA Party candidate from Mass. is different from the one from Texas...pro-choice, at least a detection of common sense, etc.