Political "Death Tax?"

Do you see any similarities between what Obama and FDR inherited from the predessors? The following is from the April 22, 1935 edition of Time:
In 100 days Napoleon gained and lost an empire. In 100 days the 73rd Congress patched together the crumbling U. S. banking system, set up the $2,000,000,000 Home Owners' Loan Corp., created NRA, substituted beer for Prohibition, confiscated all the gold in the U. S., appropriated $3,300,000.000 for public works, established CCC, TVA, FERA. AAA, cut veterans' pensions and, for good measure, put J. P. Morgan on the witness stand and a midget on his knee.

In 100 days, ending last week, the 74th Congress had passed only one Administration measure: the $4,880,000,000 Work Relief Bill. The rest of the time it spent on oratory and routine appropriation bills. The Administration measures which Congress has not acted on include:

1) Renewal of NRA.

2) Social security.

3) Regulation of holding companies.

4) A banking bill.

5) Ship subsidies.

6) Regulation for railroads, trucks and busses.

7) Pure food & drugs.

8) AAA amendments.

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