Becking To Differ

“That's right. Our march to socialism. You know, some say that Barack Obama, that cat's a socialist, man. Others say, no, no, he's just really unlucky. Every policy he happens to support just, dumb, stupid luck, brings us toward socialism. That's it. I mean, brings us there quickly, like at a trillion times the speed of light. And I know the number "Trillion" because we seem to be using it an awful lot lately. I believe that it's just luck myself, dumb, hapless luck. Sometimes that luck works out perfectly.”

Glenn Beck

Concerning Bush's $3.1 trillion budget for 2009:

"Under the Bush administration proposal, they are building a wall of debt. At the end of his first year, the gross debt of the United States stood at 5.8 trillion [dollars]. If you look at the end of his eight years of responsibility, we see the debt as over $10.4 trillion. That is almost a doubling of the national debt on his watch."

Ken Conrad - Democrat
Senate Budget Committee Chairman

"Obama's a market guy. He's not any kind of socialist at all. He's not challenging the of corporations. The banking reforms that have been suggested are not particularly far-reaching...I mean it's laugh out loud, really."

Frank Llewellyn
Democratic socialists of America

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