The Environmentalists' Dilemma

Environmental activists Raoul Surcouf and Richard Spink set sail from Bristol, England, in May on a 40-foot boat outfitted with solar panels and a wind turbine to attempt the first carbon-neutral crossing of Greenland's polar ice cap (a journey being monitored eagerly online in Bristol by 25,000 schoolchildren). However, 400 miles off the coast of Ireland, hurricane-force winds destroyed the boat, and the crew was lucky to be rescued by a nearby ship, which was a tanker carrying 680,000 barrels of crude oil.


Roadkill said...

I always enjoy man bites dog stories, especially when they involve so-called environmentalists.

A little-noted item from last January (which got lost in all the inaugural coverage, I’m sure) was this gem from the AP newswire. Its more like a man bites himself story, I guess:

“In order to prove how wonderful hydrogen fuel cell cars are, Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) decided to drive one from New York to Washington DC for his congressional swearing in. But the fuel cell car has a range of under 200 miles, and the trip for NY to DC is 300 miles.

"So here's what he did:
Massa drove one fuel cell car while a hybrid SUV [Chevy Tahoe] towing an additional SUV followed along. Once he got half way, he switched to new fuel cell car [which I assume was towed to the half way point sometime earlier so that it would be waiting for the environmentally-conscious congressman]. The empty fuel cell was then towed back by the first SUV. As he continued on his journey, the second SUV followed. Once Massa arrived in DC, the second SUV then towed the second fuel cell car back to NY.”

Like the old saying goes: you just can't make this kind of stuff up!

Sunny B said...


That's a gooder. A good politician knows that how it looks is more important than how it is. Maybe he should have attached a couple of those jet-assist rockets (JADO I think) and tried for one of those annual idiot awards.

I suppose taxpayers footed the bill for the hauling back and forth of the SUVs.