Roadkill said...

Really stupid, that is.

What is it with the left and their obsession with Sarah Palin? What is it they fear so much in this woman, wife, mother, and populist politican that no insult, no degradation, no fantastical projection is beyond the pale?

Don't get me wrong, here. Despite her exectutive credentials as a state governor, Palin was/is no more qualified for the vice presidency than was Barack Obama for the top job. Charisma like hers (and his) may help sway unthinking voters, but it is of little assistance when good management skills and sober judgement are called for. I for one hope never to see her on a national ticket again.

Question: Even if Palin isn't a national political player, will the left still hate her?

Sunny B. said...

RK, of course the left will hate Palin, if she is a national political player. I suspect she'll be a national media player. The left intellgista scorns success in those who bounced from college to college and ended up with a degree. As if a degree makes you a better, more worthwhile person. Michael Moore only has a high school diploma and he's taken a few hits from the left-wing highbrows.

I thought Palin was a breath of fresh air in 2009 and thought it was a desparate move by the Republicans. If politics was about looking ahead, the Republicans would have picked Pawlenty for the VP spot. He's a candidate with borader appeal, but he wouldn't appeal to the Michele Bachman wing of the Republican Party...the wing that trys to destroy those Republicans who don't toe the God, gays and guns anti-government, anti-tax platform of the "conservative" wing of the Republican Party.

In addition, RK today's politics is not about building up the opposition and showing them respect and giving them credit. It's about calling each other liars, questioning the patriotism and pissing on anything the gives a hint of civility.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of hearing how the left hates poor Sarah Palin. She chose to take a shot at a job that she was and is specatularly unqualified for. She chose to put her family front and center as examples of her all-American credentials and then cried foul when the media finally paid some real attention instead of just reading memos put out by the campaign. She had no trouble spewing garbage at campaign rallies and inciting the lowest of the low to feel it was a safe place to yell 'terrorist' about another candidate. The country had already suffered through one very proud 'C' student and couldn't stomach another. The left doesn't hate Sarah Palin--she's the best gift the republicans have ever given them!

Roadkill said...

Thanks, Anonymous, you demonstrate my point exactly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Roadkill, it's got nothin' to do with hate. I realize that it's hard for conservatives to grasp that women don't vote for a candidate merely because of gender--whether it's a Clinton or a Palin! If we can attack Obama for hi slack of experience, certainly a seasoned pro like Palin can handle a bit of scrutiny as well.