TEA Party Needs A Few More Nut Jobs

"...the Nazis were the ones who shoved sand down a boy's throat until he died, who tossed candies to Jewish children as they sank to their deaths in a sand pit, who threw babies from a hospital window to compete to see how many "little Jews" could be caught on a bayonet, who injected a cement-like fluid into women's uteruses to see what would happen, stomped a pregnant woman to death, who snatched a woman's baby from her arms and, in the words of a witness, "tore him as one would tear a rag."

That's who the Nazis were, ladies and gentlemen - those obscenities plus 6 million more. They were the triumph of ideology over reason and even over humanity, the demonization of racial, religious and political difference, the objectification of the vulnerable other. And the authors of a mass murder that staggers imagination, still.

You would think that where they are invoked to make a point, it would be done with a respect for the incalculable evil the Nazis represent. You would think people would tread carefully, not because of the potential insult to a given politician (they are big boys and girls) but because to do otherwise profanes the profound and renders trivial that which ought to be held sacred by anyone who regards himself as a truly human being.

But in modern America, unfortunately, rhetoric often starts over the top and goes up from there. So fine, George W. Bush is "a smirking chimp." Fine, Barack Obama is "a Chicago thug." We have a Constitution, after all, and it says we can say whatever we want. It doesn't say that it has to be intelligent.

And yes, you are even protected if you liken Obama or Bush to Hitler."

Leonard Pitts Jr.



Roadkill said...

Come on, Sunny, let's get the quote right: its Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer (one people, one country, one leader). The correct quote works so much better with your graphic.

Roger on all that stuff Leonard says about the bad old National Socialists. That collectivist mentality can lead to some real excesses in the quest for the general good. Its a wonder any rational people buy into it.

Such as in the Soviet Union, where it is estimated that at least 20 million died as Lenin and Stalin consolidated power and made the country into a workers paradise.

Or in China, where Mao murdered some 30 million during his Great Leap Forward in the 1960's. But of course, he meant well, and it was for the good of the workers.

So yea, all that Nazi stuff is bad, but you really should be highlighting what real socialism has in store for the adoring masses.

Got any pictures of Obama in one of those Mao-like pseudo-military outfits (with cap if possible)?
If so, photo shop in a little red book labeled "Obama's Thoughts."

Sunny B. said...

RK, maybe you can expand on the connection between Obama, Red China and the Soviet Union? I'm not sure I get the connection. Then again, I don't get the FOX News channel, but I do catch bits of Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck on the radio. I have read J. Edgar Hoover's "Maters of Deceit" and I've got an interesting DVD with such propaganda greats as "C Is For Communism" and "The Red Myth."