"Caused by a profound self-doubt, self condemnation and fear. Hostility is a type of projection that directs towards other people the hatred which the hostile person feels towards himself. Blaming the evil of others for his own shortcomings, he feels the chronic need to justify himself by demonstrating their evil by seeking it, by hunting for it, and by inventing it."

Ayn Rand


Roadkill said...


I love your clever wordplay, and this term in particular. Lets define it. I propose:

Hostili-TEA: The violent reaction to anti-tax, anti-big government rallies known as Tea-Parties. Generally (but not always) perpetrated by pro-big government liberals, but usually blamed falsely on rally participants by liberal bloggers and much of the so-called mainstream media in order to fit their biased perceptions of what the Tea Party movement is all about.


Item: Black conservative beat up by white SEIU thugs at St Louis Tea Party in early August.

Item: Smashed windows at Democratic HQ in Denver in late August. Former Democrat worker arrested.

Item: Elderly anti-Obamacare protester in California has finger bitten off by pro-Obamacare counter-protester in early September. (Yes, and the old man hit him first, I know – but bite the old fart’s finger off?! Ouch!)

Other Items: (from a newsblog investigative reporter)
"One public calendar lists more than 400 congressional town hall meetings in the month of August. It's likely not an exhaustive list, but it represents an average of more than 13 live town halls conducted per day in America during the monthlong span. At these meetings, there were fewer than ten documented incidents that could be described as violent, and most of them involved very little physical contact.[...]

"In more than 400 events: one slap, one shove, three punches, two signs grabbed, one self-inflicted vandalism incident by a liberal, one unsolved vandalism incident, and one serious assault. Despite the left's insistence on the essentially barbaric nature of Obamacare critics, the video, photographic, and police report evidence is fairly clear in showing that 7 of the 10 incidents were perpetrated by Obama supporters and union members on Obama critics. If you add a phoned death threat to Democrat representative Brad Miller of N.C., from an Obama-care critic, the tally is 7 of 11."

So anyway, I think the above definition for "Hostili-Tea" works pretty well, don’t you?

Next, we can define Tea-bagger. Its used prominently by MSM and liberal bloggers, so I'm sure that it must have a good definition. I especially want to work in why Anderson Cooper of CNN thinks it’s hard to talk when one is “tea-bagging.”

Anonymous said...

Love to know the source for all of this--it would be nice to be able to verify it.

Could also mention the guy at the state fair in MN who had an Obama t-shirt and was spat upon by a self-proclaimed tea-partier but won't because it wouldn't do any good.

The difference between today's nastiness and the stuff that went on during the Bush years is that those behaviors were not sanctioned at the highest levels of the democratic party. The republican party is not the same party I grew up with -- they have let the fringe groups take over. Since moderates and independents make up the majority of voters in this country, that choice does not bode well for their long-term success.

Screaming and yelling and holding up signs depicting the president of the U.S. as Hitler doesn't convince intelligent voters that you are 'right' on any issue. I don't care what party the president is from--you undercut your own argument when you act like a thug.

It's to bad the corporate media doesn't spend more time talking to those of us who are not screaming and yelling--they might actually learn something.

Sunny B. said...


I'll thinking more locally than nationally. From the first hand reports and video I saw of the Feingold listening session in New Richmond, it was obvious the TEA Party people where out in force. Although I usually attend the Feingold session, I was not able to make the recent one. However, a prominent local Republican who never misses a Feingold session, told me it was an interst session -- except for the yahoos who couldn't shut up when others where making points they didn't agree with. When I asked him if the yahoos would be pro or anti-TEA Party people, he said they definately were TEA Party people. He attend both the NR TEA Party events.

I think the TEA Parties and their spawn have gave birth to people who have never attened any of these events and are used to shouting and intimidating people, i.e. bullying, people who happen to disagree with them. Maybe they adopted some of the tactics often used by union thugs.

I don't watch CNN, MSNBC or FOX, so I'm not hip to the partisan pissing matches that go on there. I don't pay much attention to the "main stream media" either. But I do know that lefties and righties each deplore the MSM for its coverage or lack of coverage.

I think a large percent of the TEA Party movement is driven by racist white boys who like their guns and would rather see Obama fail than the country succeed. The John Birchers are getting their second wind.

All that said, I'm for vigorous public debate. That is what America is all about. There are a log of nannies in the Left who don't understand why the political opposition would want to knee them in the nuts. It's call "power" and, if the coorect strings are pulled, the puppets on either side will do the master's dancing. Most political partisans are junkyard dogs -- the bark and bite and don't have a clue why.

Anonymous said...

If you think the left or the media(or anyone else for that matter)is overreacting to these 'protests', then consider the number and more importantly, the kind of people who attended the boot-marching, corporate sponsored, hate-festival in D.C.:

1. Racists

2. Birthers

3. Commie-fearing idiots

4. Religious Extremists

5. Confederates

6. White

Fear is the surest way to get people to stampede against their own best interests.

Sunny B. said...


There was a Black man at the New Richmond TEA Party rally on July 19. If fact he was the last speaker there. He was a reverend from Milwaukee who is a member of God Squad and has actually appeared on FOX News.

He told the audience that President Obama said we were a "Muslim nation." He forgot to mention that Obama also said we were a Christian, Jewish, etc. nation. I suspect he realized his audience was predominantly ADD and therefore edited Obama's quote so the audience could retain the FOX News portion of the quote.

The Rev went on to tell the audience that we are not a Muslim nation...we are a Christian nation. He told them we need to be more like the Christians in the Old Testament. Of course, those "Christians" were the Jews. He didn't strike me as a Biblical scholar and probably wasn't aware that Jesus was a Jew and so were his followers in the New Testament.

The TEA Party, no doubt, has some quality, sincere people in it. However, most of the yelling and spit-showering from the TEA Party comes from the coffee grounds of the Republican Party. You know, the part icky part that dwells on the bottom of the pop and doesn't get much attention -- till you are down to pouring the last cup.

At the TEA Party I attended, I encountered the following:

1. Birthers with post cards to send Obama on his birthday asking to show his birth certificate

2. "Secret law" people who told me there is a shortage of ammo because Obama passed a "secret law."

3. "Collective memory losers." These would be all the attendees and speakers who nevered mentioned the word "Bush" during the two-hour event.

4. The forget-Eric-Clapton-Reagan-is-God people (same people as #3)who invoke the name of Reagan and kept their eyes on the skies in hopes that he would assend and make everything better.

5. The get-your-facts-straight people who didn't believe Reagan was responsible for huge deficits and record increases in the debt. When I brought this up, they told me I was wrong and needed to "get my facts straight."

Google the "the John Birch Society" and you will know where these people come from. The have little to do with "conservatism" and much to do with Brownshirt Facism. The periodical of the Brich Society is the New American. Here's a link to it: http://www.thenewamerican.com/. It's headquartered in Appleton, WI...just down the road from the grave of Joe McCarthy.