"Free" or "Freer"

“One problem with the American system is that if you lose your job and are without an income, that’s not just bad for you but for the economy. Our system has more security. And I think it makes our quality of life better. My American friends say they live in the best country in the world, and in a lot of ways they are right. But they always have to worry: ‘What happens to my family if I have a heart attack? What happens when I turn 65 or 70?’ America is the land of the free. But I think we are freer.”

Geert Mak
Dutch author

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Roadkill said...

Looks like Mr. Mak confuses security with freedom. Ben Franklin, et al, had some thoughts on that subject.

Interesting cartoon. I didn't realize George Bush has such pronounced Jewish features. Then again, perhaps its the baseball hat turned around to look like a yarmulke that completes the cartoonist's anti-semitic vision.