Please Name Names

Above is a picture of Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute. I've ran across a couple of interview videos of him lately. Now that everything that Ayn Rand predicted is coming true -- I heard it on FOX News -- it's time for the humble profits of liazze-faire talking points to sit up and take the stimulus-free credit they are so humbly owed. This, of course, includes Merle Haggard who was singing about free Bubble-Up and rainbow stew when Glenn Beck was still in Pampers.

Below is an interview of Yaron Brook by Glenn Beck. I catch Beck on his radio show occasionally on KTLK FM and find his rants and raving amusing. Interestingly, my favorite in-your-face-conservative working partner cringes whenever I ask him if he caught the latest Beck show. He hates Beck almost as much as he hates Michael Moore.

If you listen to the interview below, notice that both Beck and Brook say they know people who are giving up on working hard to make a buck. Evidently the entrepreneurial spirit has died in American. Let me know if you catch any actual names of capitalists who are dropping out. I missed the actual names of anybody. These Laissez-faire capitalist fundementalist remind me so much of Christian fundamentalists. They see the End Times coming tomorrow. Of course, what's always coming but never gets here?

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