Only 230 Days Till Christmas

It's too late for Mother's Day, but, if you hurry, you can procure yourself stocking stuffers now...

What the critics are saying:

"It's the book that every 15 year old should read,
and no adult should take seriously."

"My cat likes to eat spaghetti."

"The irony of Atlas is that in the book, the "master of the universe" is a factory owner who fixes the problems created by bankers. Our current situation was generated by bankers who saw themselves as masters of the universe.. and forgot the rest of her story."

"Out of a lifetime of reading, I can recall no other book in which a tone of overriding arrogance was so implacably sustained. Its shrillness is without reprieve. Its dogmatism is without appeal. In addition, the mind which finds this tone natural to it shares other characteristics of its type. 1) It consistently mistakes raw force for strength, and the rawer the force, the more reverent the posture of the mind before it. 2) It supposes itself to be the bringer of a final revelation. Therefore, resistance to the Message cannot be tolerated because disagreement can never be merely honest, prudent, or just humanly fallible. Dissent from revelation so final (because, the author would say, so reasonable) can only be willfully wicked. There are ways of dealing with such wickedness, and, in fact, right reason itself enjoins them. From almost any page of Atlas Shrugged, a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: 'To a gas chamber — go!'"

"If only a good writer had written the story. I've read the book and found it extremely bad, though some ideas it contains may be good."

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