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"I've never had a fire burning inside me like I do for that mongrel thug."
Stormfront posting
April 29, 2009

WASHINGTON — While the inauguration of the first black president has lessened racial tensions for most Americans, it has set off a wave of violence on the white supremacist fringe, with anti-hate groups attributing six recent killings — including the ambush in April of three Pittsburgh police officers and the fatal shootings in April of two Florida sheriff's deputies — in part to anger over President Barack Obama's election.

Coming to a neighborhood near you...racially tinged, anti-Obama demonstrations...conservative politicians and pundits for employing talking points that supremacists rally around...reports of government-sponsored "re-education camps"...claims that Obama is a socialist...


"These groups have an out-sized effect based on the way they have been able to mainstream their propaganda and conspiracy theories...The reality is, there is an underworld of people who really believe that armed revolution is absolutely and vitally necessary. To the extent that that sector grows and is energized, they will be more dangerous."

Mark Potok
Southern Poverty Law Center

"I was looking on their website (Southern Poverty Law Center), and noted that their are some 900+ "hate" groups in the US. I was wondering if labeling all these different organizations as HATE groups was a defamation of character? Or on the other hand if all this snooping and investigating was an invasion of privacy by posting all this nonsense about all the groups, in the Hate group catagory, it puts forth a stigmata about all of the groups and steriotypes them into a general view of them all. Now alot of these groups are christian or catholic or islamic orginizations, but not one is Jewish, are jews not racist for proclaming to be the chosen one publicly? Can another race not claim to be Gods children without them being pursecuted and charged with a hate crime? I am serious and I think we at Stormfront should hire lawyers for all the "hate" groups and go together in a class action suit against the SPLC for defamation of these great organizations and the people that make them up. Thanks and I want some good feedback. I think the fact that the JDL is not on the list is proof of the double standards set by the SPLC and the ADL. In pursueing their financial interests in these organizations."

Stormfront posting
May 4, 2009

"God help you if you're a proud, white, male. That's the true axis of evil. In fact, every time you refuse to let a black man rob your house, rape your wife, and murder your family, you're just not being sensitive to his cultural needs."

Stormfront posting
May 4, 2009


Aslag said...

Excuse me, Sir. It seems that you have quoted one of my Stormfront posts in your blog. I have no issue with this in and of itself. However, if you have time to roam the Stormfront forum and snag quotes, please be courteous and let the poster know that you'll be using their post on a blog. Interesting blog, by the way.

Thank you.

Sunny Badger said...

Aslag,can't say I know the correct protocal for attribution of quotes from another blog. I use a "term paper" approach. Hence, I included you name and a link to the source of the quote.

Thanks for stopping by.