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Richard Andrew Poplawski was a young man convinced the nation was secretly controlled by a cabal that would eradicate freedom of speech, take away his guns and use the military to enslave the citizenry…

Pittsburgh police Officers Paul Sciullo III and Stephen Mayhle were about an hour short of ending their overnight shifts yesterday when 911 dispatched them to 1016 Fairfield St. in Stanton Heights at 7:05 a.m. The call, described as a domestic argument between a mother and son with no weapons involved, was also heard by Officer Eric Kelly, who had just finished his 11 p.m.-to-7 a.m. shift.

Still in uniform but driving his own white SUV to his Stanton Heights home, he decided to swing by Fairfield to back up his fellow officers from the Zone 5 station in East Liberty.

With 14 years on the force, Officer Kelly knew domestic calls can be the most dangerous an officer faces. This call would underscore that sad truth.

Within minutes, all three officers were fatally shot by the subject of the domestic call, later identified as Richard "Pop" Poplawski, 22. A discharged Marine, he adhered to a number of right-wing conspiracy theories and expressed fears of a "Zionist nation" revoking his right to own guns...

Read more @ the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"He was really into politics and really into the First and Second amendment. One thing he feared was he feared the gun ban because he thought that was going to take away peoples' right to defend themselves. He never spoke of going out to murder or to kill."

Edward Perkovic
Richard Andrew Poplawski's lifelong best friend

“Crazy to me is going through the motions. Crazy to me is letting each day slip past you. Crazy is being insignificant. Crazy is being obscure, pointless."

Richard Andrew Poplawski
Killer of three Pittsburgh policemen on 4/4/2009


Your neighbor said...

Clearly, this is a feeble attempt to paint all second right supporters as unhinged killers waiting for an opportunity to murder and maim our "authority" figures. You are a simpleton and your use of the tragic death of these police officers to promote your twisted platform is sick.

Mr. Poplawski was clearly an extremist and, I would suspect, mentally ill at the time of his actions. Sane people don't just go around shooting police officers (or others for that matter).

I, and many, many people I know well, own lots of guns and we shoot them frequently. We don't go around killing people or doing drive-by shootings. We're well trained, honorable, decent professional people that you probably see in your local grocery store and have no idea that we are carrying loaded weapons at that time.

The second amendment is there to protect our freedoms and assure that no government, church, or other extreme group can effectively control and take over the citizens of this country. It is not an aside to the our constitution, it is core to the constitution.

The best way to reduce gun deaths in this country is to provide treatment for mental health and substance abuse, educate about safe firearm use, and focus on crime enforcement. The people who understand and respect the second amendment and enjoy the freedoms it provides are not the extremists.

Sunny Badger said...

I certainly would call someone an extremist because they respect the 2nd Amendment. Likewise, I would call someone an extremist who respects the 1st Amemdment. I think the point here is what sets these extermists off.

Perhaps the partisan timer of American politics is such that no is a time for these extermists to catch fire. There are a long of racist, White rednecks running around with guns and hatred over a Black man being elected President.

It's intersting that you mention providing treatment for the mentally ill and drug abusers. This is something the Right doesn't want health care refrom to cover.

Thanks for stopping be, Neighbor.