There Ain't No Honey On The Moon

The "stimulus package" must have been a big topic of discussion this weekend. To non-related people basically hit me with the same question today. The Rush Limbaugh Parrot squawked that Obama is driving the national debt to a level where he can't sleep at night worrying about his kids' future. He said we are turning in European democracies -- Rush says this a lot. When I asked if he knew anybody who lives in Europe, he said he knows someone who lives in Canada. I pointed out that Canada is not in Europe.

Other person called me and said, "Look what you Democratic President is doing!!! Who's going to pay for all this?"

They both voted for McCain and Bush twice. I pointed out that they need to remember that McCain interrupted his campaign to fly back to Washington to help push through the first stimulus package. So far, Obama is responsible for nothing concerning budget deficits and national debt. It's a Bush thing.

Christ the only Presidents that have driven up the national debt since 1950 are Reagan, Bush and Bush. It's good to see that gaining a new President doesn't necessarily mean the facts are going to start being used. Both said that the problem with the Democrats is that they don't know how to live within a budget. Both are college graduates and, I believe, a little confused.

The budget is being drawn up now. It's easy to live with in your budget, if you make your budget big enough. The question is...is the outgo exceeding the income and, if so, how are you going to finance the difference.

I amazed Obama made it two weeks as President before the 2012 Presidential election started. After Reagan, Bush and Bush spent 20 Presidential years telling us about shrinking government and now the talk has stopped. The battle in the Republican Party will now be between the US House and Senate v. the Republican governors.

And so it goes...

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