Journalism V. Political Operativism

"...Our point is that journalists have a fundamentally different relationship to facts than that of most political operatives. Facts are the foundation of what journalists do—get them wrong and your credibility suffers; get them wrong often enough and you’ll be out of a job. For creatures of politics, facts are malleable—weapons to be used as necessary to produce victory at the polls and in the policy-making arena. Journalists are taught to check facts and assemble them without regard for whether they like the picture that emerges; political operatives only have use for those facts that enhance the picture they want to project...."

Read more @ Columbia Journalism Review.


Roadkill said...

Or both.

As I'm sure you are aware, the epithets "Communist" and "French" are conservative code words for politicians who promote silly ideas that are bad for America.

Daniel W said...

Well then Roadkill,
These conservatives should invest in an copy of Webster's dictionary for Christmas to assist with their ignorance of the English language.

Sunny B. said...


When you say "bad for America" do you they concepts and ideas go against the accepted thinking of certain segments of the conservative thinkers? Others words and phrases used include "traitor" or "anti-american".