The Difference Between Republicans & Democrats

"I began to notice that on all political problems, the Republicans had reasons not to act, while Democrats worked at solving the problems. It made a tremendous impression on me....Democrats came up with the answers, while Republicans always seemed to give explanations that nothing out to be done, and the system would take care of itself."

William Proxmire

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Roadkill said...

The question posed in the first cartoon is spot on. It concerns conservative values, and highlights the fact that many Republicans have abondoned those ideals for more centrist -- if not downright left-leaning -- positions on the issues.

I think and believe that is why the GOP has taken such a beating in the last few election. Conservatives just don't get excited about RINO's.

To paraphrase Truman, "Given a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, the voters will pick the Democrat every time."