LA Time Endorses Obama

"Palin is the most unqualified vice presidential nominee of a major party in living memory. The decision calls into question just what kind of thinking - if that's the appropriate word - would drive the White House in a McCain presidency."

LA Time Endorsement of Obama


Roadkill said...

Yes, but isn't Barack Obama the most unqualified PRESIDENTIAL candidate in living memory?

Did the LA Times miss that point?

Sunny B. said...

I think you are reading things into the LA Times endorsement. I believe that are all qualified to be president. Hey, the LAT is a conservative newspaper. Evidently they are impressed with the reactionary, xenophobic neo-McCarthyism represented by the Palin, i.e., Republican base, wing of the GOP. It will be interesting to watched the GOP split in two as the wedge issue wing of the party splits from the actually thinking side of conservatism.

McCain is less of a maverick and more of a egomanic who will do and say anything to get elected president. He lost his chance to become an admiral,m because he created on his first wife and divorced for the younger, richer model named Cindy. Then he thought he deserved to be prez because...well he's a McCain. We saw a similar ego displayed by Hillary who thought she had the Democratic nomination in the bag because...well she's a Clinton.

Hustle, organization and an elementary grasp of basic math with prove to be the key to Obama's victory, if he wins on Tuesday. Among Biden, Palin, McCain and Obama, I think Obama is the smartest and best student in the group. That is what we need to have any hope for change in the future.

Roadkill said...

Speaking of Ego... You ought to Google "Obama + Ego" Looks like a lot of commentators see something of interest regarding those two subects.

Or like The One himself says:
"Like any politician at this level, I have a healthy ego"

Buford Murdoch said...

Being a fair and balance blog that embraces the concepts of unbais journalism, we have suspended Googlin' any type of word combinations that would shed a negative light on any of the presidential candidates...especially if they are progressive liberals who have friends involving in community groups like ACORN and who don't smoke big, expensive cigars and start every paragraph with the phrase "The answer to our economic problems is to cut taxes on business..." and they use the example of the luxury tax on yachts.

Roadkill said...

At age 47, Obama has written two autobiographies. He began campaigning for president as a state senator even before his first day in his first US Senate term, which he hasn't completed.

Which leads to this week's poll question.

How "healthy" is Obama's ego?

a. Healthy like David Duchovny's sex drive
b. Healthy like Madonna's exercise schedule
c. Healthy like Rush Limbaugh's love of his own voice
d. Healthy like Amy Winehouse's youthful experimentation with drugs

Back to Reality said...

Funny how you dismiss Obama as unqualified when military minds like Colin Powell and financial wizards like Warren Buffet seem to find him eminently more qualified that the erratic Marverick McCain.
Oh and yes taking on and defeating the Clinton machine and soon to be defeating the GOP, just a minor example of Obama's incompetence. When Britt Hume says he finds the Obama campaign "inspiring" that would lead me to believe this incompetent fellow might just be have something going for him.
Come on Roadkill. You're old enough to remember Jack Kennedy. Obama has inspired the nation in a similar way. Here's the good news. The Reagan Revolution has proven itself to be an abysmal failure in the same way Soviet style Communism was. Too bad it took American's 8 years to come to that realization. Trickle down economics belongs on the same trash heap of history as Russian Bolshevism. It's time to move forward.
Yippie. This favorite anthem of mine is relevant again!
"Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'."

Sunny B. said...

Obama can actually write and speak and stand up tall at the podium. This is probably enough to give him more qualifications the Bush2. Roadkill, did you vote for Bush2 in 2000 or 2004? If so, what qualifications spurred you to vote for him? Was Clinton, Bush1, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, etc. qualified?

Carter probably had the widest range of government experience, starting with the local school board. He also might have had the most demanding educational training -- nuclear science. But he didn't seem to have the skills needed to handle some of the major problems he faced. Bush2 has run into the same problem.

Of the choices on tomorrow's ballot, Obama is the one that I want to hire for the job. Even tough I did phone banking and door-to-doors for Obama and a local assembly candidate, I never told anybody why they should vote for the candidate. I tell them why I'm voting for the candidate.

What I just said goes against what the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the Republican propaganda machine say. They say people are voting for Obama but they don't know why. I'm voting for him and I know why.

Hell, there will be thousands or people voting for McCain because Obama is black or because his middle name is Hussien. They will vote for McCain because Obama knows Bill Ayers who was in the Weather Underground in the late 1960s when Obama was 6. They forget to mention that blacks where being disproportionately shipped off to Vietnam to die for their country or that racism was so bad in the US the ghettos were burning and people trying to change the system were being shot down in the street and on college campuses.

This is politics, what do qualifications and facts have to do with it?