If B.S. were currency, Palin could bailout Wall St. by herself

"If B.S were currency, Palin could bailout Wall St. by herself."
Conservative Columnist
Kathleen Parker


Roadkill said...

One thing about conservatives: Unencumbered by ethereal hopes for change and giddy, emotion-based politicking, they are willing to call a spade a spade. I think Parker is right.

Youthful celebrity is replacing mature experience as criteria for high public office. We are going to pay a price for this, no matter which party wins the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's the big deal? There is nobody in the world that is actually qualified to be President. The qualifications are basically the you have to be a US citizen, 35 years old and no have a felony on your record. Christ, you don't even have to pass a drug test! You don't even have to prove that the doctor just told you you had 60 days to live.

But that's how it works. Of course this is a new experience for Palin. She has a lot on her mind. New baby, kids are off to school for another year and one of them is PG. Her son is in Iraq and the First Dude is roaming the trundra without the wife bothering his ex-business partner.

I think Palin is doing just fine. She will do good in the debate and it will basically be a tie. I just wish she'd should a little more cleavage. After eight years of Chaney, she'd be a refreshing break and she can't fuck things up any worse than they are now.