74 Days Left...

Evidently the tide is turning the Presidential race. McCain is unable to name how many house he owns. This makes my wife very happy today. She is still bitching about the Obama Nation book and says it is all a pack of lies. I think she heard this on Air America radio. About the only practical news she has lifted from this 2008 campaign season is to constantly reminded me to check the air in my tires. That sets her off on the McCain campaign quip about Obama's energy plan is to have people check the air in their tires. It think it would be a good idea for the Obama campaign to give out tire gauges with the slogan "Saving Energy Is Everybody's Job -- Vote For Obama." Of course the anti-corporate greed heeds working the BO campaigns would charge us $25 for the tire gauges. It think it's $10 for a yard sign.

I don't actually get into the yard sign display partisanship. I prefer to walk about town at night and swap Republican and Democratic yards signs. I'm never there to see if CPR is required when the offended neighbors see my dirty deed in the morning. I'm guessing they probably drink decaffeinated coffee that day.

I'm still pissed at Jerome Corsi for stilling my phrase "Obama Nation." I came up with that way back in the primary season. On the other hand, I have yet to hear back from the Obama campaign about my slogan suggestion:

Change Is Good But Folding Cash Is Better

It think it's a slogan the ups the anty. I'm sure the McCains can understand the message. With more houses than they can could, you think they might donate one our two to the suffering middle class. Maybe turn them into time shares so we have a place to go in the winter.

One bit of notoriety I'm been receiving this campaign season is that people say I look a lot like McCain. Since McCain is 20 years older than me, I usually accidental dump my beer on them after they say this. My wife, who shaves my head, is now making sure that she shaves it down every two weeks to keep my resemblance to McCain down. She did say I would look more like McCain, if I stuff a couple of dog turds in my left cheek. I told her that isn't a nice thing to say. She told me to shut up and deal the cards.

The wife says we will be spending the weekend stuffing effigies of Bush for protests at the upcoming GOPee convention in St. Paul.

I'm bummed this presidential election year, because I won't get to put a "Lick Bush" bumper sticker on my car. With one exception -- 1996 -- I've had one on since 1988.

That's it for today. I have to go listen to KTLK and hear if Mark Levine is still calling McCain a communist. He was doing that in the primary -- before McCain became the only show in town for true conservatives.

Stay tune. I will be giving daily reports on my blog from both the Democratic and GOPee conventions.

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This is great stuff. Keep it up.

Any interesting observations of the protester contingent would be most welcome.