The Push To Ban Crack: Racist or Ridiculous

Saggy-pants ban violates civil liberties

"...There are a number of theories about how and why the baggy-pants look became popular, although the consensus is that it originated in prisons. Prison clothing given to inmates tended to be oversized, and since they were not allowed belts because of the risk of using them to commit suicide, their trousers often sagged and hung very low. Hip-hop artists adopted the look to signal toughness, intimidation and rebellion against authority while gang-bangers are said to favour it because it is easier to conceal weapons or drugs. It is easy to understand why some, such as Dicks, see a link between sagging pants and delinquency. The problem, however, is that there is no evidence to prove a direct relationship between the two. Gang members may indeed wear baggy pants, but it is not the wearing of baggy trousers that causes them to join gangs or commit crimes..."

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Kalvyn Clean said...

My mother always told me "Nobody is worthless - you can always be used as a bad example."

Is there really a need for legislation against people dressing like idiots?

Granpa Simpson said...

I'm like thinking there are better ways for the powers that be to spend their legislative times. Of course, my guess is that the legislation started when this "fashion" trend started working its way into the white neighborhoods.

Like disco and bright oragne socks worn with sandals, so this trend shall pass.

It's another way to piss off you parents. This is where parents need to get the camera out and take many pictures of the teens in stupid pants. They will have lots of fun with them down the road of life.

When I was a kid, we used to hang onions from our belts.