OTBL Investigative Reporters Win BusyBody Award

In the Category of "Outrageous Tabloid Trash"
OTBL wins 1st Place:

The OTBL celebration was marred by one unfortunate incident. One of the crack OTBL censors let a dissenting comment through their talking point filter. Despite this slight error in judgement, the OTBL investigative reporting staff celebrated their achievement with gratuitous backslapping, the unfurling of the "Stars and Bar's, and cracking open a case or Lienie's "RED, WHITE, AND BLUE".

UnymusLikeAll comments:

"I love how everyone in this city loves to grab on to something juicy and suck it dry. How many of you have actually met Peter or Victoria? Why is it necessary to Crucify someone who has accepted the consequences of her actions, was never proven to be intoxicated at the crime scene. and make up trashy stories of Mr. Bear's involvement? It's sad. This is the the town i grow up in and now live. Sad people who love to trash on anyone to feel better about them selves. I love how the articalÕs ÒfactsÓ of the blood alcohol level were provided by a breath test of Bear taken at the scene indicated her blood alcohol level was.13 according to Janna Niedermyer, Strauch's daughter'. and soiling herself? Two more examples of the award winning (? that mean anything to anyone) journalism of HSO and another example of the sick, trash, dirt. loving people of Hudson."

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