From the Bubonic Chronicles

Rugged individual Mark Bubonic savoring this year's Independence (Government ) Day Parade.

"The parade that just passed was not filled with individuals, but with government. Displayed this morning before the onlookers that lined the streets were government police cars, government fire trucks, government soldiers, government school marching bands, government officials plus those who politick to become one, and floats adorned with waving princesses that represent designated government boundaries. Almost the entire marching regalia consisted of government and the force of government.

The only thing that appears to be missing is individuals and their liberties in shackles being dragged down the street."


Sunny B. said...

And who says there's not a crack epidemic in Hudson?

The Bubonic perspective is an interesting one. One that 99.99 percent of people would never stumble over. People were watching the Booster Days parade and thinking how great it is to be American. Of course they understand -- like everything in life -- life in America isn't perfect...but it ain't that bad.

I'm noticing a trend here. The extremes on the political spectrum see darkness everywhere they look. Obviously, the Bubonics of St. Croix County are trying to wake up the slumbering masses and educate them on the shackles that bind them to the daily grindstone of life. With the Buboniics in charge, we would no longer need fire trucks. Police would not be needed, because there would be no laws and everyone would mind their own wealth pile and do their own thing.

The anti-community, doomsayers have always been around. Remember, it's always easier to tear things down than to build them up.

CANRAC said...

I thought this guy moved to Tennessee because they had a better college football program and tobacco was cheaper?

Ludwig said...

I believe it was Alabama. That might have been before the price of gas spurted up.

Isn't the University of Alabama a government school? Gee, he'd be forced to see government works marching across campus and liberally indoctrinating his spawn with Marxist propaganda.