On The Borderline Baloney Sighting

A current post by Chris @ ontheborderline -- Drowning in water bill -- too. -- points out that the New Richmond Municipal Water Utility has filed for a rate increase with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

Chris points out that Jeff Holmquist -- the editor of the New Richmond News -- doesn’t have to worry. Not only does he not live in New Richmond he doesn’t have to pay their water bills either, kind of like the $93,000,000 Million dollar boondoggle him and his paper pushed.

Chris fails to mention that he also doesn't have to worry about higher water bills, because he also doesn't live in New Richmond. From some of the lies and slander posted at the On The borderline site, it is evident the Chris might have a nose long enough to reach for Hudson to New Richmond.

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Free Markets Are Never Cheap said...

Thank goodness for the internet, at least Chris doesn't need to fill his turnip truck with gas to deliver the baloney. That must be why $4.00/gal gas is A/Ok with the borderline crowed. Sheeeesh!