Russian Communist Party Calls To Boycott Indiana Jones

Moscow, Russia (CNS) - The latest "Indiana Jones" has angered the leaders of the Communist Party of St Petersburg in Russia over the film's negative portrayal of their country's communist party.

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," the newest installment of the successful film franchise, centers on Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, and his race against an evil Russian KGB agent, played by Cate Blanchett, to track down a legendary crystal skull. The film was set in 1957.

Apparently, Blanchett and her entourage's portrayal of the Russians didn't sit well with the real-life Russians. They are calling for a boycott of the film and even told Ford not to visit their country.

In an open letter quoted by Fox News, the Communist Party's ideology committee writes:

"Your work in this film is an insult to the Soviet and Russian people, who remember the difficult Fifties when our country was concluding its reconstruction after the Great War, but did not send merciless terrorists to the U.S.A."

They add that while they like the 65-year-old actor's other roles, they hated this newest one. They say Ford will be beaten if he ever comes to the country again. The letter continues: "You have no future in Russia any more. Speaking plainly, it is better for you not to come here. You will be beaten and despised."

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