Limbaugh Encourages Diversity In "Operation Chaos"

The Drive-By Media is deliberately misreporting that Rush called off Operation Chaos. He did no such thing! Rush has an agenda: to dump this old Hillary-Obama storyline so the Drive-By Media can focus on Rush as the true messiah.

Rush’s Dingle Berries of Wisdom:

There are elected officials named George and Dick who expect to benefit from all the suffering with gas and food prices. They know I turn to Viagra to alleviate my limp dick and to avoid having prostitutes call my Mr. Winky ‘the Little Guy.’"

"According to the Department of Waste Management, talk radio bullshit production has increased approximately 40% since Super Tuesday, while US gulibility has grown more than 30%."

"The Republican Party does not have an attack machine. It doesn't even have a defense machine. The Republican Party is just sitting around twiddling its thumbs and hoping people continue to send it money. There is a conservative survival machine, and it exists entirely to spank it’s own monkey!"

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Babba said...

Nice to see McCain carrying the "symbol of southern heritage". Or did he flip flop on that again?