"Duct Tape Bandit" pleads guilty

Just In Time For Annual Hudson School District Meeting

Kentucky's infamous "Duct Tape Bandit" is heading to prison.

Last August Kasey Kazee gained international notoriety after robbing a liquor store with his face wrapped in duct tape.

Tuesday was the final chapter in the story. With a clear face, Kazee pleaded guilty to second degree robbery. Gone are the scars that once existed from duct tape that wrapped his face.

Kazee walked into Shamrock Liquors in Catlettsburg with his face wrapped in duct tape and his shirt pulled over his head. He then threatened to kill the clerk, telling her he had a gun.

Kazee was the one who ended up on the short end of the stick when store manager Bill Steele chased him out the door with a club. Even after getting caught tape-faced, Kazee denied the act in his now world famous tirade.

"Look at me. Do I look like a duct tape bandit? I'm not no duct tape bandit," Kazee said in a jailhouse interview.

"Even though it's kind of comical, Mr. Kazee is a very dangerous man. He had a previous robbery charge from 2001 and was out on parole on that when he committed this crime," said David Justice, Commonwealth Attorney.

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